Successful Living Basic Training

Practical, easy-to-integrate concepts and tools for a satisfying, enjoyable life…  at any age, at any time, anywhere!

The Successful Living Basic Training is NOW available LIVE at the Center for Creative Learning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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I had a revelation about my family during the Taking It Lightly weekend: I realized that I am loved more than I thought I was. I got a lot out of the course, including a renewed ability to express emotion, lots of support from staff, and lots of hugs. Living with a disability, I was grateful that I was able to take care of myself and not get exhausted during the weekend. Taking It Lightly was a great step, which has helped me prepare for the next steps I will be taking. I look forward to taking more courses at the Center For Creative Learning. Jane Nemke


Create  a solid foundation & have the tools for building a GREAT life .

Improve your health, wealth, relationships, emotions through understanding how the brain works and managing your emotional flow.

Add action to implement the practical steps you'll learn and you WILL create the life YOU want!

Successful Living Basic Training

Invaluable insights for making your life the success you want it to be.


Energy In Motion:  All emotions are good and valuable-natural, human, reactions


Passion & Purpose Purpose creates the context for your life that will energize your passion to manifest the results you seek.


Love your body as it is – gratitude for life itself

Creative Self-Expression

What do you do for fun or creativity beside work?

Personal Responsibility

How our beliefs effect our reality and how we hold our stories


When thought matches word , matches action and gets results that match the thought.

Money & Wealth

What is your definition of wealth and what is YOUR story around money.

Love and Relationships

Build stronger personal relationships

Forgiveness and Gratitude

Releases pain, opens flow of love AND ultimately leaves space for great things to happen and abundance to occur..

Ready to build the life you dream of?

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Successful Living Basic Training

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