Successful Living Basic Training


Successful Living Basic Training 

The most comprehensive successful life training program available.  Hosted by Patricia Clason who has been facilitating transformation for 40 years. Each course provides a valuable life lesson to help you build the successful life you have always dreamed of.

Lifetime access to all 7 courses, featuring over

  • 42+ videos
  • 10 hours of training material
  • 9 workbooks
  • Follow-up reading material
  • 1 on1 coaching session
  • 30 Day Success Accelerator


Create a solid foundation & have the tools for building a GREAT life.

Improve your health, wealth, relationships, and emotions through understanding how the brain works and managing your emotional flow.
Add action to implement the practical steps you’ll learn and you WILL create the life YOU want!
There are a few basic things that, when correctly practiced and integrated into your life, will lead you to the satisfaction and aliveness that are the fabric of life itself.

Course Descriptions

The Core Course Includes:
Invaluable insights for making your life the success you want it to be.

  • Personal Responsibility – How our beliefs affect our reality and how we hold our stories
  • Integrity and Accountability – When thought matches word, matches action and gets results that match the thought.
  • Emotional Intelligence– Emotions are energy In motion: All emotions are good and valuable,natural, human reactions. How the brain, body and emotions work together.
  • Passion & Purpose Purpose is the Context, Goals are the Content

Prosperity and Abundance: Explore the wealth/financial aspects of prosperity and the true meaning of abundance

Health and Wellness: The best health possible for you is important as our brains work better when our bodies are healthy.  Taking action on self-care and health is a constant practice that will make your live longer and more satisfying.

Satisfying Relationships: In the Satisfying Relationships course, we will discuss how to build meaningful friendships and expand your network of friends.

Creative Self-Expression: Find your creative self-expression and integrate your creativity into your successful life

Forgiveness and Gratitude: Release pain, open the flow of love AND ultimately create space for great things to happen and abundance to occur.

Celebration: Importance of celebrating, even the smallest of successes



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