Practical, easy-to-integrate concepts and tools for a satisfying, enjoyable life…  at any age, at any time, anywhere!

Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to.... 

Be Happy ?


Get Ahead ?


Be Satisfied ?


You probably don’t know that human hard-wiring is designed to stay focused on the negative, to keep us safe and away from risk and danger. The result is that many people will far too often stay in a known hell rather than risk an unknown heaven, at least knowing what to expect, even if it isn’t what they dream of or wish for.

Don’t let that be you!!

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You can also request a copy of Hope’s Journey, our ebook and workbook about getting unstuck and finding success.

The course reminded me that I am in charge of my actions and my re-actions. Sometimes when we want change, we are the one who must take the first step, and the rest will get better from there. The group support is amazing, as it lasts even after the course if over. It is nice to know that we ALL pretty much desire the same things in life. — Heidi Johnson

Success Living Basic Training Course

Create  a solid foundation & have the tools for building a GREAT life .

Improve your health, wealth, relationships, emotions through understanding how the brain works and managing your emotional flow.

Add action to implement the practical steps you'll learn and you WILL create the life YOU want!

Successful Living Basic Training

Invaluable insights for making your life the success you want it to be.


Energy In Motion:  All emotions are good and valuable-natural, human, reactions




Love your body as it is – gratitude for life itself

Creative Self-Expression

What do you do for fun or creativity beside work?

Personal Responsibility

How our beliefs effect our reality and how we hold our stories


When thought matches word , matches action and gets results that match the thought.

Money & Wealth

What is your definition of wealth and what is YOUR story around money.

Love and Relationships

Build stronger personal relationships

Forgiveness and Gratitude

Releases pain, opens flow of love AND ultimately leaves space for great things to happen and abundance to occur..

Ready to build the life you dream of?

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Successful Living Basic Training

Center for Creative Learning

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